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Thread: How much do you reckon to save by growing your own?

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    Last year we spent 135 on tunnelhouse bed rent and, completely coincidentally, 135 on seeds and plants. We harvested just over 200 kg of produce which would have cost 715 at estimated Tesco prices. The limited space at home brought in another 9 kg worth 63 (relatively more because soft fruit is so expensive). Or to look at it another way, we generated 94000 kcal of food, enough to keep one person ticking over for about 63 days. Or yet again, ignoring potatoes, the fruits and vegetables were the equivalent of 6 portions a day. Not quite self-sufficient yet!

    I've stopped counting quail eggs. Maybe I get 300 eggs per year per bird, and I have 15 girls at the moment (that number varies a bit, because they're not very long-lived. That said, my oldest girls are approaching 4 years old, which isn't bad for birds that are only meant to live 2.5 years, and they are stubbornly refusing to make way for replacements), so I get 4500 eggs, or 375 dozen, per year. At supermarket quail egg prices, that's just over 1000. But that does not seem like a valid measure if they're providing all my eggs - chicken egg prices would be more sensible, and so at 5 quail eggs = 1 hen's egg, that's more like 75 dozen and 125! I think I'm probably spending 250 a year on feed, bedding straw, dustbath sand and whatever else. Oops.
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    Well we are completely entitled to spend our money on our passion/ hobby.
    Not that I object in any way to saving or being frugal. It’s part of the fun.
    I’m just away to sieve some more old leafmould- I’m saving a fortune on potting compost!
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    Yeah, I don't *need* to grow my own food to survive (yet!?) I just enjoy growing things.

    And while I do spend money I don't get back on some things (ornamental plants, fancy seeds...) I save money elsewhere (Not buying plug plants, soft fruit, not going to the pub because I'm too tired after gardening...) soooo I don't begrudge myself the odd extravagance...
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