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Thread: How much do you reckon to save by growing your own?

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    Just the joy of gardening is priceless!
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    I probably only break even, even though I sell a bit of my produce ( due to location ( which is awesome ) and the higher cost of getting things here ). Breaking even is obviously as long as I don't take hours spent and wages into the equation.
    As most others have said. It has very little to do with money. But a lot to do with the enjoyment, satisfaction and knowing how it's been grown and having no ( or very few, for those with allotments not on their doorstep ) food miles.

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    We used to get an organic veg box delivered, the current price for this is 18.50 a week.
    Taking into account allotment rent and money spent on seeds and compost I get considerably more produce for less than half price. If you are time rich and cash poor GYO is absolutely the way to go.

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    Whilst I keep accurate records of what I grow, I've never felt that the reason I grow is to save money, more as a way of entertaining myself and producing food which is nicer to eat than that available from supermarkets (after all, who want to eat flexible runner beans). There are also intangible savings (I don't go to a gym for example) and other costs (pairs of new wellingtons) so I decided it was just "too hard".

    What I do find interesting however, is the research being done by the MYHarvest team ( who are researching into how much food is grown by allotment holders and gardeners in the UK and I would recommend anybody to help them improve their data.

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    Myhavest looks like it may help keep the tradition of allotments going ! i'll have a better look later .
    Do I make a saving out of growing on my allotment ? No ! Do I enjoy my alloment Yes .
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    I certainly don't grow to save money. More important to me is the exercise and enjoyment I harvest.
    What money cant buy is knowing the provenance of my crops
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    Surely the theory of putting a value against food that you grow, when you wouldn't buy it in the shops otherwise, is slightly misleading.

    If you harvest a kilo of blackberries, then is that not displacing some other food that you would have bought?.....thus saving money, though perhaps not the actual price of the blackberries in the shop.
    The more help a man has in his garden, the less it belongs to him.
    William M. Davies

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    Paulieb I was thinking the same thing.

    In the one year I tried to keep track at my last allotment I was in profit after accounting for the rent, seed compost, canes, string and new spade I bought. The bulk of that was an enormous overabundance of raspberries, radishes and courgettes. It was a bad year for me for everything else! I would never have normally eaten that many but we ate them in place of other things so still saved money on veg. Also I didn't know How to calculate the value of the courgette blossom and young shoots as I would never be able to buy those where I live(d). But again, didn't buy other greens because we ate those.

    Also I don't include my time as gardening is in the leisure category for me. If I was doing this to save money instead of spending the equivalent time working at my other job...well, that would be depressing.

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