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Thread: How much do you reckon to save by growing your own?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lardman View Post
    Even if you eat a lot of squash would really have bought 40Kgs of it ? Can you honestly say the year before you spent £120 on squash ... There's a huge difference between the value of the food grown and savings you make by growing it, the two are often confused.

    There's no way Id buy all the stuff I grow it just wouldn't be financially viable so I don't actually save by growing it, but I do get to eat it when otherwise I wouldn't.
    Agree totally.

    Plus, and I hope this doesn't come across badly, I don't actually care if growing my own costs me more or less than I'd spend in the shops. For me personally, the rewards are more than financial.

    Edited to add: If I had to include the cost of my time, no way would I come out in profit!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gordon the gardener View Post
    I was reading another thread (sorry canít remember which one or who left the comment) but someone said they didnít save any money by having a plot, they just did it for the love of it........ Has anybody else done this? If so how much do you save?
    I always remember Mrs Dobby used to show her accounting
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    I've just read Mrs Dobby's accounts!!
    Rhubarb £1 a stick 10 years ago
    2850 plants. I wouldn't have the fingers to count that many'
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    Will probably make a financial profit if I stay in one place! I had my old plot in Manchester for just over 2 years, spent a lot on compost, a polytunnel, netting, seeds/plants mostly. Did reap lots of squash, cucumbers, potato which reduced the food bill. But still made a huge financial loss in theory.

    This/last year saved about £100 on potato, courgs, toms, pumpkins, beans, onions, green leafies - but I also bought a new shed, another poly, netting, more seeds, heating mat, fruit trees, etc at end of season so going to be years before I break even.
    I just won't buy things like squash, courgs, beans, toms anymore which in itself is a saving.

    Sadly will likely relocate in a couple years and it starts over again...
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    ^^^ Remember, itís not all about the balance sheet.

    Sense of satisfaction from growing your own=money canít buy

    Friendship and community-ness = money canít buy

    The smile on your face when youíve cleared a new patch of ground, harvested your first/best (name crop), shifted that last bucket of manure, wrestled out that bramble root etc = priceless

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thelma Sanders View Post
    I always remember Mrs Dobby used to show her accounting
    I wonder if Mrs Dobby did up sticks and move to New Zealand. Does anybody know?
    Endless wonder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by veggiechicken View Post
    I grow in my garden so the only expenditure is on seeds, plants and compost. My aim is to be able to eat something I've grown every day of the year - which subsidises my food bills. If I can do that, I'm happy.
    I'm the same, I grow in my back garden, my GH was a freebie I don't spend much at all most of my seeds are saved.. I do have a year round supply of lettuce so from just that I know I'm in profit.

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    I don't really count the cost or saving I have from the garden, I garden because I enjoy it, I grow a lot of flowers which can't be eaten (though maybe I should try eating the dalhias) some of the vegetables I grow my OH wouldnt buy from the shops so how can you compare the prices as for the staples like onions, potatoes I know they have not been sprayed with any chemicals and salad veg the same plus they are fresh which to me makes it worth the money
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