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Thread: The boggy plot

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    Has whoever has the plot next to you put up some kind of screening to stop water flowing into their plot? If so, it's possibly diverting yet more water your way. Might be worth your while doing the same, but discuss with your neighbour the other side out of courtesy, as they may wish to do the same as you too. Also, dig a trench along the fence side.

    Very good luck.
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    Our first plot was similar to that...very heavy clay.
    We used loads of spent hops from the local brewery to try and improve the soil...the sand you are using sounds great too.
    One year we were trying to plant out potatoes and as we dug a trench it filled with water...came back the next day and it was filled with frogs spawn!

    So...we changed our tactics...grow main crop spuds only so they would be planted later...and mostly quick maturing veggies.
    The growing season was much both ends , but in some ways that was OK... you will find that it'll be lovely and fertile though.

    Celeriac should also do well!

    Drainage Trenches and some raised beds are certainly the way to go
    You'll get there in the end.
    And the huuuge plus will be that under the hard crust the water retention should be fine during a drought, and you will get fewer weeds in the heat of the summer.'s only February!!!!!!
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    As Nicos says... "It's only February".

    I would be sorely tempted to just stop for the moment!!!

    All the digging is just going to churn up more and more mud and end up compacting the soil as it's so wet. When you say you've dug four trenches, are they just open topped ditches? What's the plan with them? Do they run anywhere?

    Where are you trying to drain the water to?

    Have a read of this website: Pavingexpert - AJ McCormack & Son - Drainage - Land Drainage for Fields and Gardens about land drainage.

    As per my previous suggestion, i would get a tonne of woodchip in there to start soaking up some of the water; breaking down and mixing with the clay.

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    Just random trenches at the minute which even in 24 hours and after some rain seem to be helping. I think i'll leave it all well alone now except for adding the new raised beds.

    I had read somewhere or maybe some one at the allotment that wood chip attracts slugs, is there any truth in this?

    Thanks for all the guidance so far guys

    The boggy plot-screenshot_20190224-154528_gallery.jpg

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    That looks really bad. Looking at the photos you are next to a new build and not only that, it looks lower for some way into the distance. It’s all coming your way unfortunately and won’t change.

    So sorry for you. My garden is similar. Next to a council school field and I’m lower in parts. It just comes my way. No way to stop it.

    Not all doom and gloom though. I have built raised beds and you should do the same. At least a foot high, maybe two.

    Kind Regards.............Rob
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    This doesn't help but you have beautiful 'soil' for a pizza oven or making pottery. While you probably can't sell it off, if you decide to start a(nother) hobby you're on a gold mine. No one would gripe over a few chunks of clay removed here and there.

    One of the guys at my old site made a pizza oven from the soil on the site, hay, and he sourced free brick for the wood part and a smooth slab.The boggy plot-_20190225_074229.jpgThe boggy plot-dsc_0033.jpg
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    That certainly doesn't look good Gibbo.
    The drainage ditch should help but it looks like the clay has lost any structure it may have had from being worked. As has already been said I'd be inclined to get rid of all membrane and build raised beds. Roughly level the clay and cover paths between beds with three inches of wood chips. Look into no-dig for the beds. Together this should encourage microbes, worms and fungus back into the plot, all of which will help with drainage and increase the effect of your ditch.
    Re slugs and wood chips, most of our paths and half the beds are mulched with it, we're going into our fourth year and so far slugs haven't been a major problem.
    Good luck with it and keep us posted.
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    I think you need to extend your ditch to the lowest perimeter point of your plot and send the water away... where would it end up if you did that?

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