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Thread: Allotment and newborn baby

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    Kirk is offline Cropper
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    Feb 2013
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    Just plan what you plant and grow. Do not plant baby
    Expect that you will do small things as you say maintenance as much as anything. For weed control a quick hoe/rake and mulch.

    Crop it seems best to plck things that can take care of themselves - maybe fruit bushes. If you get blackberries you can propogate additional from a couple of cutting in a jamjar of water.

    Maybe section off a chunk of allotment and add a couple of inches of fine bark chip+compost and let it just lie for a year (assume that you are allowed to not use it). For fime bark chip I buy sort of normal stuff and feed it through a garden shredder. Lot finer after that.

    Baby will likely enjoy it outside, but to repeat: Do not plant baby.
    Even if at times it seems a good idea.

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    lottie dolly's Avatar
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    Feb 2008
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    Congratulations on the baby,when the weather is nice,you will find it relaxing to escape,and get to know your little one,just maybe,there is some peeps willing to go with you the odd times,till you adjust to a new time in your life,all the best lass.
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    Another nutter ,wife,mother, nan and nanan,love my growing places,seed collection and sharing,also one of these

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    TrixC is offline Rooter
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    Jul 2011


    Thanks for all the lovely advice and comments, itís making me feel more confident I can do this. Nasturtiums are a great idea! I havenít had much success with brassicas due to inheriting a plot with club root, are any of the resistant varieties any good? Luckily my site is not very strict with inspections so I donít think there would be an issue if the plot wasnít fully cultivated. Weíve just worked so hard the last couple of years getting rid of the perennial weeds I donít want to have to start all over again.

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    Dec 2005
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    It was the best place for a bit of sanity and 'touching base/reality' for me.
    So much somwe took on the neighbouring 2plots too!!!

    You'll hear people say "you'll wonder how you filled your days before you had your baby" then the second one etc.....
    You always have more spare time,than you's a matter of juggling and energy.

    Many congrats on your news, do keep us updated!
    And enjoy your allotment... just make it a bit less demanding
    "Nicos, Queen of Gooooogle" and... GYO's own Miss Marple

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    veggiechicken's Avatar
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    Congratulations Trix

    I have absolutely no advice to offer but, every time I spot this thread, I think "Gooseberry bush".
    Garden like a Chicken

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    bikermike is offline Cropper
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    Nov 2017
    North London frontier


    heh! congrats! I put my name down for a plot when my wife was expecting. the website said three year waiting list - I got a plot the next day...

    he's now nearly four. he doesn't always enjoy going to the plot, but he usually does.

    when very small, make sure there is shelter for the baby, and keep an eye out for sharp etc things (they will eat anything...).
    plant raspberries. in fact pretty much any soft fruit. small people will *hoover* soft fruit off the bushes. sweetcorn and toms later, too.

    in general, I'd do the least you can - membrane and mulch, plant bushes and buy plants from the garden centre. i'd do nematodes though - slug pellets aren't a good idea around babies.

    it will work - good luck with it!

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    Gillykat's Avatar
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    Feb 2015
    Alnwick, Northumberland


    Quote Originally Posted by Nicos View Post

    You always have more spare time,than you's a matter of juggling and energy.
    That is SO true! After I lost my dog ten years ago I often wondered HOW I'd found time to walk her two or three hours a day yet, at the time, it hadn't felt like I was pushed for time.
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    Apr 2015
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    Congratulations! I'm sure you'll find a way to do it. Mine were older, so I don't have any baby advice, but I have very limited time so I'm good at being ruthless with what I can and can't do. Maybe cover a patch with membrane and plant pumpkins, courgettes etc through that? Keeps the weeds at bay, the ground in use, and a good pumpkin patch always looks good.


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