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Thread: Just took on a second allotment

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    All advice above is great. I would only add to take your time and plan really carefully. Cover up those weeds meanwhile but otherwise make haste slowly and design your new plot thoughtfully.
    Ultimately you will end up with huge excesses of fruit and veg so have a plan what you will do with excesses. Maybe an extra large freezer? Local food bank? Extended family and friends ? Take up jam making and sell produce? Allotment produce stall?
    It’s a fantastic non problem to have though..
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    If you are close to the old pit top in maltby. Collect the bracken and old ferns there as it’s very good for mulch or composting. Admittedly you would need quite a bit to cover your plot. But a bag a day keeps the weeds away
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    Went the new allotments today waterproofed the roof of the shed on the old plot & did some weeding and Put a new fence up on the front of the new plot, moved the pallet compost bin down behind the shed & cleared some of the weeds

    Going to clear more of the weeds tomorrow hopefully, weather permitting

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    Quote Originally Posted by SarrissUK View Post
    Our plots here in north east lincolnshire are about 30 foot by 90. And that is certainly enough space for me, but I am still eyeing up next door, before mine is under control haha
    Hahaha glad it's not just me doing that! I was told of a plot just come empty two up from mine which has had chickens on for the past year. I checked it out and it looked like all it needed was a path put up the middle with beds either side and no heavy digging needed as the chooks have made a good job of removing most weeds. Neil and I have been working on a new layout for the plot and TBH it's not giving me much space for potatoes, beans and other veg...espcially a couple of permanent asparagus beds....not after he's put in a chicken run, built himself a shed etc etc. I'm tempted to speak to the chap in charge of the allotments and ask about the possibility of renting a second when I go to see him next Tuesday to pay my rent. If I tell hubby he'll just blahblahblah about how I won't have time so I'm tempted to just get a second and not tell Neil (howaay it's not like I've got a fancy man, is it?) and cultivate both bit by bit....then take Neil to see the second plot in the summer once it's full of crops growing and flowers blooming and he cannot whinge then.....especially if it means he can have a bigger shed to play in! We shall see.....
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