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Thread: Insurance question... (meh!)

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    Yeah we've got contact details for members - the thing is as far as we understand the new data protection law we need to ask their permission to provide this to another entity - some will not be interested and therefore if they had a claim the insurance company could then say "Individual X has not provided the details that we required to provide them with insurance" so would not payout (I imagine)
    We're thinking that at the moment - despite paying a premium for the site - we're probably not actually covered either as the current insurer does not have details about each individual.
    If we *do* have to provide individual details its going to be yet another chore when new plot holders come along. From what you are saying Snadge it does sound like its something we're going to have to do.

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    With our site it was if someone was injured and said it was council/site's etc's fault it would pay injury costs, legal fees if they decided to sue. Also covered members of public getting injured on site one or two days out of the year. There was theft but excess was like 500 or so, nobody keeps expensive stuff like that there.

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    Ours was for public liability only which is the only thing we need to have by law.. Anyone who wanted contents insurance would have to take it out individually.
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