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Thread: I donít know where to start!

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    The thing with weeds - knotweed is horrible, but in the end its just a plant - is that they compete with your veggies and other plants for light, air and food.

    Rule of thumb :- if you can get your veg plants growing and bigger than the weeds then you'll get a crop, but if the weeds take over so you can't see your plants, then all you'll get is weeds.

    If I was working a similar plot to you I'd start with the easiest bits furthest from the pernicious weeds and grow stuff there. If you find you are enjoying things and succeeding in growing stuff then you can gradually expand your empire in to the less propitious areas.

    Any sort of gardening always has time and weather elements - its not like making a sculpture or painting where what you create hangs around - stuff changes year to year and my aim is to get some usable/pretty stuff along with the weeds, but mainly to enjoy my time outside.
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    If you have knotweed then I would almost expect that rotovating would not be allowed. Likely a case where it is not specifically banned but should be. You will need to identify it specifically then take steps to restrict or kill it.

    I would seriously expect that digging of it all the time to remove will be either ineffective or take several years. So expect the inorganic approach of chemical and a light application is likely not going to do much. On a program some time back they were basically injecting undiluted glyphosphate direct into the canes to kill them off.

    But rotovating knotweed is certainly not a good idea.

    Raspberries and blackberries you can keep or remove/replace. You do not know if the raspberries are summer or autumn and may find it easier to replace with varieties that you know are what. That can equally wait a year or two . Maybe dig up and relocate them for now.

    As mentioned previously start to marke out areas for either immediate or initial planting. Maybe pick a patch for the Raspberries, dig that and clear it, dig the raspberries up and relocate them to their new home.

    Similar for whatever else you can identify and want to keep.
    Somethings can easily be grown/propogated from cuttings. Blackcurrants, redcurrants, rosemary. Basically get a short cutting from an established bush, put in a jamjar of water, wait. About 2/3 will form roots, and you have a new plant. There are others as well just unsure which. But it means that if you get 3 cuttings off of 2 blackcurrants you are likely to end up with 4 new plants.

    Rhubarb: If you have some great, if you buy a plant then dig hole, lots of well rotted manure, rhubarb on top, light covering with soil.

    From what you say and describe I would expoect that you, or someone is going to have to dig the ground over mainly by hand. So mark it up and do it a bit at a time. Believe it is something called a plan, but having never met or made one am a bit unsure.

    Ask about how the others or whoever runs the place approach the knotweed problem. If you have it and it seems so, then it is a problem, and it is not a small problem that will go away. I would be a bit concerned if they do nothing, as in just not bothered.

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