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Thread: Organic material for allotment.

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    There is no absolute rodent-proof composting. TBH, there are probably rats nearer to you than you think anyway.

    I think a dalek is less attractive. We found a tunnel and a small number of droppings in our original compost heap (which was chickenwire with poles in the corners). I replaced it with a dalek on paved base. This seems to have kept the rats at bay.

    That being said, the trick is to make it as unattractive to rats as possible, so keep it damp and frequently disturbed. with the plot heaps, I have a long steel rod that I poke the heap with to keep it from being too peaceful.
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    I think a caddy needs to be small enough to be easily portable and tippable into a dalek....I sometimes press a small plastic garden trug into service, and it's annoying because I always spill while tipping. My enamel bucket is way better.

    When I prepping veg, I put a piece of newspaper on the counter next to the chopping board, then simply fold it over the peelings/waste and toss it into the bucket. It means it's easy to pick it up so I don't need a counter-top caddy to scrape in to. Just a tip.

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