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Thread: Where do you buy your green manure seeds?

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    Jimny I'd look at free mulch in addition to green manure. If you can get something like field beans or general mix to sprout and have thick free mulch as well all laying there over winter, you will find the worms and green manure will give you wonderful top soil. Just add more mulch each year and the soil ends up really easy to use.
    Free mulch comes as autumn leaves, home made compost, council 'soil improver', neighbours lawn trimmings etc. Gather whatever you can access and build the beds in the autumn.
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    Boston Seeds

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    Cheers Kevin, I've a darlek of compost ready to go straight on this winter, can't spare my garden leaves I'm afraid as they go in the chicken wire cage for leaf mould, I do have some manure as well which should be ready to go on next winter (it's only just arrived and is quite fresh). Just trying to come at this from every angle and thought it might be worth trying green manures too.

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    Buckwheat can be used as a quick green manure as it can be cut down/pulled out after 4 weeks.

    It also excretes something from the roots that extracts phosphorus from the rocky parts of the soil (i.e. The ones that aren't plant available minerals) and stores it in its leaves.

    It also seems to break down quickly when used as a mulch although can resprout from the base. Leave it in 8 weeks and make your own pasta

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    Sorry to bump an old thread but the flight is just too long and I have free internet onboard so reading and learning as much as I can.
    I like the idea of green manure but have no space to spare for them. Would spreading it into wild and mowing it and then using it as mulch work? Will they germinate like wild flowers?

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