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Thread: When do lay compost...and where to buy it?!

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    Default Too expensive

    Thanks everyone for the excellent advice.

    I just feel that buying compost from garden centres is tooooo expensive.

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    Forgive me but I'm a little confused as to why you think you need to buy compost for an allotment. The soil is already there, all you need to do is feed it.
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    Potting composrt and seed compost are for starting plants in pots,trays or containers of some description.

    Feeding the soil can be done cheaply with either chicken pellets or 6X manure. Any organic matter including cardboard and newspaper picked up for free will add organic matter to the soil and assist in water retention.
    You could also sow a green manure cheaply, then dig it in. Tree leaves can be gathered for another cheap alternative.
    There are lots of materials that can be added to the soil for free or very cheaply, to improve the structure.

    For fertilising the cheapest option is National Growmore, a very cheap balanced inorganic fertiliser.
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