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Thread: Wasp nest on my plot!

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    w33blegurl is offline Rooter
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    Jan 2009


    I have nothing useful to add to this at all other than this gave me the heebies. Having been stung on 3 separate occasions last year by the evil little so and so's (yes I know they also do good stuff in the garden...) they are seriously on the hit list....That being said last year seemed to be an especially bad year for them - our garden was overrun all year as there was a huge nest in a neighbours hedge and I've not been bothered by them at all (with the exception of daring to try and eat outside....sigh) this year!
    If it ain't broke...fix it til it is!

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    Aberdeenplotter is offline Gardening Guru
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    Jan 2009
    Mid Aberdeenshire


    Personally I would nuke the little sods. I was cutting a customers hedge earlier this year when I felt a sharp pain on my right heel. Stopped what I was doing and pulled up my trouser leg to find a wasp. Brushed it off before it could sting again and made for a chair to check out the damage. Half way there, got a sharp pain on my left heel. Yes, another wasp which also got brushed off. There was a wasps nest in the ground in the middle of the hedge.

    I had pain followed by itch for more than a week.

    I accept that the noise and vibration from my hedgetrimmer had upset them but wasps can and do sting just for the hell of it.

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    ESBkevin is offline Cropper
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    Jun 2015
    Mid Suffolk


    several weeks ago I found/disturbed a wasps nest in an old trunk when cutting the hedge at the back of the house. It was where children play and others access all the time. I was annoyed because the wasps seem to have driven out the bumble bees that were a couple of feet away under the compost bin. I waited until late evening and blew ant powder into the wasp nest opening and retired. By morning all was quite.
    Up on the plot Sunday and lifting potatoes I disturbed another nest in the ground. I have left it unmolested because I can work around it (they are angry though). They are right beside the new pig manure storage site I have earmarked so no long term hinderence.

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