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Thread: To Cage or not to Cage

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    Quote Originally Posted by veggiechicken View Post
    The mind boggles
    Birds seem to prefer red/white currants to black ones. I don't net mine but I have quite a few!
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    I want to build a fruit cage but it won't be this year so I will continue to protect locally. Birds round here will always peck every unprotected strawberry and strip red currants, closely followed by blackcurrants. Whitecurrants are left totally alone and I have so many raspberries I don't mind sharing.

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    My Mum doesn't have to net anything in her garden bar the cherries. But she lives next to open fields with thick hedgerows so maybe there's plenty to forage.

    I have to net on the allotment or lose the berries. I've got 2 set-ups made of dahlia stakes, bamboos and some soft green netting - Garden Naturally will cut it to order and it lasts incredibly well. Tent pegs at the bottom keep them taut. Total cost about £35 each. Pics are from last year, the bushes are A Lot bigger now!

    I take them down and store in the shed when the berries have been harvested. Means the stakes will last longer too...

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    My fruit cage (which doubles as a winter brassica cage) is made from leftover tent pole from a broken tent, the igloo style ones, stuck in the ground into blue plumbing tubing.

    It's a little tricky to move, at least solo, but it's stood up to all the weather, and cost peanuts.

    My jostaberry may be getting a little large this year (though at least the lazy *** is fruiting at last), so I may have to break a bigger tent.
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