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Thread: Allotment advice

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    You do realise that you are going to get 100 different answers from 100 different gardeners don't you???
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    Build keyhole beds and then it won't matter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KevinM67 View Post
    Sorry Johnny - but I'm curious...

    Is that your garden, allotment - or have you just started to do a bit of 'guerrilla gardening' next to the local cricket field ?

    It looks fab btw.

    He he this part of our field is out of site of the house, I just killed the grass mid last year, not really knowing what Im doing, to the left I've put up a frame with support wire and planted Autumn raspberries, (these will be my next question to the forum) also you can see a compost square that I plan on extending to the side as required.

    Hoping this forum will help me though. 👍 👍 HaPpY Days
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    Post your pic here & watch your plot evolve over the season:
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyWilde View Post
    Hi I'm new to the good life, staring to set out an allotment, having to use raised beds because the soil is full of stones, I am struggling to work out the best way the lay the beds, please see attached photo, the land gets full sun so do run the beds from north to south or east to west can anyone advise me pleaseAttachment 62666
    Have you considered erecting a perimeter fence to rabbit proof the area? Looks an exciting project though.
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    I don't think it matters for vegetables and most fruit. Only a few things are tall enough to shade anything else and if there are paths between your raised beds, they won't shade the things in the next bed.

    If you're putting in trees, I would put the at the north end of the plot and remember to give them enough space.

    How big are you planning your raised beds to be? Don't make them too long or you'll walk across them. Don't make them too wide or you'll not be able to reach into the middle. Don't make them too small or you'll be wasting the space around them.

    (Mine are 20ft by 4-6ft because my plot is 20ft wide).

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