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Thread: Breaking up clods?

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    I have chalk and clay soil and the use of horse manure in the winter seemed to really help break up the soil. I will do more manure this autumn and winter as I only started the plot in the garden beginning of February.
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    Hi. Sorry a bit late with this. I use a Draw Hoe to smash my soil down with. I find the flat part is good for the small lump and any big clay bits I split with the pointed edge. Use to use a hoe or a rake but managed to bust both of them

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martin H View Post
    I'm trying a variation on this for my carrots this year. I make a V-shaped trench by pushing my spade in as far as it will go then wiggling it backwards and forwards; then fill it with used MPC (from last year's tomatoes) and sow carrots into that. The theory is that the carrots will at least be able got go down a spades depth before hitting an obstacle.

    Here's a picture to show the idea. I'll let you know how it goes in a few months...

    Attachment 56119

    From the left: v-shaped trench, trench filled with MPC, carrot seedlings x 2.
    Carrots love a nutrient deficient MPC in my experience, as it prevent them getting over vigorous and forking. Obviously the lack of stones, as you mentioned, helps as well. I always use last years potato compost... my only issue is that i'm forever watering them as I keep them in pots. Apparently netting over the veg patch is "messy", so I made some veggie mesh coats for carrots in pots.
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