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Thread: Newbie Saying Hi... And Have I Done The Right Thing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by polc1410 View Post

    If you definitely want chooks then if you got them now and penned them in an area they'd clear that grass for you and add some manure too! Then move the pen..

    Worth reading up on lasagne gardening and no dig...

    Taking a plot thats already cultivated means you tend to adopt their layout. You get their abused soil and volunteer potatoes coming up where you don't expected them...

    A lot to be said for a blank canvas.
    If you have ground to spare as it seems you do, it would be criminal not to have poultry, the price of eggs nowadays makes it in my opinion more profitable than growing veg. Plus it will be a great asset to your vegetables. All that manure! If your not vegetarian or squeemish there is also the meat to consider. You have by the look of it a golden opportunity here.
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    Hello and welcome 68lbs.

    My advice would be to take it slowly. Don't try to unturf the whole thing then get disheartened when you don't have time to do it all. Small steps.

    The only other thing I'd say is definitely go for hens. As Bill said, you could do meat birds too but check your allotment rules first as many do not allow cockerels.

    And best of luck. As others have said, it looks like you made the right choice in plots so enjoy your time.
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    are you allowed to keep pigs??
    they'd turn your soil over!!!

    Hi there and welcome to the Vine
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    Thanks for the continued welcomes guys...

    Quote Originally Posted by The Nichols' View Post
    definitely go for hens
    I like the idea, but won't do so immediately. I need to make sure I can commit myself to a few veg first, without having the welfare of hens on my conscious. Maybe in 12 months.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nicos View Post
    are you allowed to keep pigs?
    Would I want to?

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    Why not they re probably less messy than my kids and produce meat and usable waste products ( manure ) which my kids don't

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    Chickens would clear the land to bare earth quickly for you, just keep moving the run around to where you want to clear next and welcome
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