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Thread: Hops on the allotment - viable?

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Cobra View Post
    Hi everyone, not posted for a while but hope to be back active now! I harvested my hops (thanks again Olorin!) and they are now drying out. One problem - I put all that I had harvested into a black bag ready to dry out. A couple of days later the outside of the bag was covered in little tiny flies - does anyone know what these are and if that's common?
    don't know what the flies are,but you do need to dry hops quickly or they go off,the aim is to dry them within 12 hrs then vacuum pack them to exclude oxygen to prevent going off ,I freeze mine too.leaving in a plastic bag is probably the worst thing you can do as they will sweat and start to go off rather quickly
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    Default How are the hops??

    Quote Originally Posted by The Cobra View Post
    Hi everyone. Just wondered if there are any home brewers on here, and if so do you grow your own hops? I'm really fancying getting some for on the allotment, but unsure of how much I will need to produce home brew ale throughout the year?
    Hi there, I saw your thread about hop growing, I, like you, thought about growing hops on an allotment plot in Leeds. (Donít worry Iím a Cas fan not a whino!!) and saw you had relatively good success. Just wondered if you still grew them and if so, could I get a Rhizome or 2 to try next year.

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    Hi Skidrow and welcome.
    The Cobra hasn't visited the forum since 2015 so I doubt that he will reply to you.
    Could I ask you to read our Seed Swap Rules at
    In a nutshell, you need to be a member of the Forum for 3 months and have made 50 posts before you can ask for seeds or plants. Its easy to make 50 posts once you're an active member so keep posting and join in the threads.
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