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Thread: How much does your plot cost?

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    Near Derby


    £20 for 60sq metres
    £10 refundable key deposit
    water and insurance
    shed/meeting room on way
    compost toilet on order
    free woodchip when available
    manure 6 ton for £60 (£2 each)
    topsoil 10 ton for £120 (free first purchase as we had a grant)
    includes NSALG membership

    so not bad but we have still been spending grant monies
    derby city council our landlord rent is peppercorn to them at moment
    this will be a battle from the heart
    cymru am byth

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    Grantham, Lincs


    I have a third of a plot. £10 deposit for a key (perimeter fencing around the site), £10 a year, £2 per extra person I will bring along to work the plot.

    No facilities. We have a river running adjacent to the plot which I get water from with a couple of cans. No erecting sheds etc without permission (though I don't imagine that would be much trouble).

    //edit: Grantham, Lincolnshire.
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    Newcastle upon Tyne


    With concession its £40 for 30x90ft plot ( we don't do rods & poles etc). Water every 4 plots. Toilets, community area, shop, perimeter fencing but not plot fencing. Communal path maintenance, herb tub on most corners (not sure how long that will last) Annual show and seeds swap. No power.
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    These figures are only comparable if everything is in the same using this handy site my plot converts to 5,445 squ feet......and muddyfeet , yours works out at 9.9 rods
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    Windsor, Berks


    Plots completely free, and water supply too. But these are within the private area of Windsor Castle, only for Royal Household employees who live on the estate, so they are an employment benefit really. (Husband is a firefighter here).

    The plots are good - they are in one of the old Victorian kitchen gardens, so very sheltered and virtually pure loam due to all the organic matter added over the last century - but there is no committee, no collective deliveries of manure or anything, no facilities, and the unworked plots are just left to go wild, which is a shame and puts off prospective new plot holders (a solid field of nettles, thistles and rubbish is not appealing to beginners...)
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    Quote Originally Posted by binley100 View Post
    These figures are only comparable if everything is in the same using this handy site my plot converts to 5,445 squ feet......and muddyfeet , yours works out at 9.9 rods
    I've got just under 4 square rods.
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    I think I just paid £37 for a half plot here in Leeds, it's secure as secure can be, water on site to be used only to fill butts, not to be used directly on plots. Free chippings, toilet on site, good manure supplier £30 for around 5 ton, communal garden & activities in the summer. Shed & Greenhouse / Polytunnel allowed with consent given. I'm sure I will have forgotten something but HM will update........I think there is rumour of a shop.
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    £15 for 2.5 rods, plus £4/5 for water and £1 for NSALG membership. Site is securely fenced, no sheds allowed. No toilets or other facilities. Horsham West Sussex

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