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Thread: 'tis been a strange year............

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    Wish I hadn't read it. TBH! Now I'm thoroughly depressed
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    well lets hope 2013 is a better year all round.. Its been so disheartening to go to the lottie and find big slugs in broad daylight decimating squashes etc........
    S*d the housework I have a lottie to dig
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    Have had a lot of lessons learned. Flukey onions and garlic, with odd shallots. had more success last year with one courgette plant in the garden, and a few bits from Jamies onion crate. This year was on a bigger scale, yes. Perhaps I should have been less ambitious, but had I been, I don't think I would have learned as much.

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    The only thing that's produced a glut have been my beans so that was good, plus the kales coming on well so will keep us in greens this winter.
    I've only had one courgette out of my 4 plants and about the same from the cucumbers.

    Next year will be much better

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    Quote Originally Posted by rustylady View Post
    It's been pretty rubbish for everything except broad beans here.
    Snap but my summer fruiting raspberries are STILL producing?!? Do I understand this? No!
    Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better...Albert Einstein

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    The only things that were any good for me were broad beans and garlic - The garlic was the best I've ever had - oh, and figs but I think that was just down to the age of the plant.
    I gave up fairly early on in the season - well, I had a noo camper to go and play in so I don't think I'm that representative but, here's to next year; onwards and upwards, I say
    A garden is a lovesome thing, God wot! (Thomas Edward Brown)

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    Garlic and I suppose peas were all that really did well.

    My runner beans suddenly stopped after only giving me a few handfuls, and just as the masses of buds that developed for a second flush started to open, the plants got frosted. Bah. Frenchies did nothing much.

    The courgettes as well were just starting to really got going when they got frosted, though I did get a few round ones from one plant, I literally cut the first almost reasonable sized one from the frosted corpse of the other plant.

    My tom plants all had lots of lovely green fruit that turned black juuuust as they were ripening, and I picked a grand total of three ripe fruit from 6 plants.

    The strawberries had a sudden weird late flush of fruit, after doing nothing all summer, I started picking the june bearing variety in the second week of september, and they're still kind of going now The slugs got so many of them that I still didn't get a lot though.

    Got not a single plum, feel lucky to have got three winter squash, and I'm still hoping my parsnips actually have roots worth eating.
    Roll on 2013!

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    So many people seem to have had trouble with brassicas this year, I've been over run with them - both calabrese and my sprouting broccoli have been immense and a great deal has been frozen. Cabbages are about 6 - 8 weeks behind but are a good size. First harvest of sprouts yesterday were lovely and I'm heading for a glut.

    It really has been a mixed bag though, I've grown beetroot successfully for the first time ever yet my toms have been disappointing and my radishes have bolted. Swiss chard had done well, but the kohl rabi have been rubbish...

    I know I've done well compared to many people, some of whom have lost almost everything, but it has been a bad year compared to my usual harvests.

    Roll on next year!

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