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Thread: Get a Polytunnel or not? and What to grow in it?

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    zazen999 is offline Funky Cold Ribena
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    Jun 2007


    I built my second one today - it's gutting knowing I've done all that hard work and it's not mine.

    Not that I begrudge the kids using it, but it's just I want to take it home and use it. *sobs

    I'm sure by the end of the year we will have one. Mr Z is now onto it so perhaps for my birthday we can buy one and build it rather than go away for a few days.......

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    SarzWix is offline Gardening Gnomette
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    I have pointed out the existence of these: Polytunnel Gift Vouchers to my family in time for my 40th next year...

    In reply to Mark; go the biggest you can afford - you'll always want more space after the first year

    And, personally, I wouldn't buy one of the 'pop-together, pop-apart' types from eBay. From my observations of 4 of these over the years on our allotment site, they never last a season without blowing to bits and/or collapsing all over the plants
    If you do have to go for one of those, put silicone/No More Nails/Araldite into every single joint before you put the tubes in, weight the cover down with slabs all the way round AND criss cross it with guy ropes...
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