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    I had a read on this last week on another site and they suggested Silage Sheets. Had a look around and you can get one at 8mx11m for 34 which did not seem to bad.

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    I use black membrane, but mainly to stop the cats defecating all over the patch.
    Last year I only did the brassica bed, but to good effect. I cut crosses in the membrane and planted the seedlings through it.
    This year I've put some on all 4 of my beds. I've used strips of it in between the root veg rows this year as any patch of exposed earth is basically a soon-to-be feline toilet.

    It's only the potato bed that I haven't covered because the manure seems to keep them off it to some extent.
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    We've used thick black plastic used for roofing to cover our beds....

    We've got a serious creeping buttercup problem - serious enough that it has grown through a 3 inch thick mulch of straw, 2 layers of newspaper and 2 layers of corrugated cardboard

    This time we've put a 4 inch mulch of straw and horse manure down, plus the black plastic. I also suspect we're going to have to glyphosphate the b*ggers...

    The lack of light caused by the plastic seems to weaken the buttercup and make it easier to dig out, which is what we were aiming for!

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