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    Do not panic .We got our plot at the beginning of March last year and did manage to grow a fair bit of stuff. As Alison said work out what needs to go in first and sort those ones out . We pulled as much weed out as possible and then kept weeding and weeding while stuff was growing.
    S*d the housework I have a lottie to dig
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    Thanks everyone! I don't know why I got into such a panic thinking *everything* had to be ready for March! I think I was worrying about getting parsnips in and forgot that everything else doesn't need the beds right away!

    So, I need to prepare for the parsnips & onion sets, and then the potatoes in April. At least I already have them, chitting away nicely! Everything else can wait for now!

    ( I'd been watching the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy before I posted this - I should have known "DON'T PANIC!" !!! )

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    Default Calm down dear

    I agree - I tried to rush my lottie last year. I rotorvated it which just made the horsetail divide and conquer.

    I wish I had spent more time planning it on paper and not just got excited and stucjk stuff everywhere. Not sure whether I can name it but Joy Larkcom's growing veg book has some great plans in it for feeding the family - it's all done it 1m squares so you don't get bored of eating one thing.
    So long and thanks for all the fish....

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    Definitely don't panic yet..... A list of things that don't need to go in until May or June is enormous (sweetcorn, courgettes, peppers, chillis, tomatoes, squashes, pumpkins)...

    THere are some things that don't seem to mind the weeds and will swamp them out (potatoes especially, but if you mow off the weeds and get some pumpkins in there)....

    So really you're talking about root veg, onions and brassicas areas..... by the end of March.....


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