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Thread: Tools?

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    I get most of my garden tools from a Grott Shop or at least that's what I call it . Basically it's the shop belonging to someone who does house clearances, she now knows to save any garden tools she comes across for me to have first refusal on. I have some lovely old garden forks, spades, rakes, hoes etc from a time when tools where still stamped "Made In England" and still built to last, most of them have cost me at the most 1.50.

    Might be worth your while giving your local second hand/houseclearance shop a try.
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    I got a few of my garden tools from ebay, it saves on the hunting around and you can get some great deals. My most used tools are my garden fork, my rake, my hoe, and my hand trowel (for putting in small plants). I got a garden mole the other year as they are supposed to be easier on the spine but I dont use it as often as I used to. I also made some of my own tools like my dibber (an old wooden handle from a garden spade) , my weeder (a blunt old kitchen knife with its end bent over) and a few others. You can get a range of tools (mine from ebay) that all fit on to one handle that fit into a sort of blown plastic case, mine has a small spade, a small rake, a small saw and a pair of secateurs and some side cutters and a couple of other things in it, these are great if you cannt leave your tools safely overnight.

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    Beanb is offline Germinator
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    Get a fork with wide blades from Fiskars. Not the cheapest but you'll use it for the rest of your life. Don't see what else you really need.

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    Quote Originally Posted by *Lavender* View Post
    Failing that, I'm off to B&Q to look at their forks and hoes!
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    Wasn't 'grot' Reggie Perrin's shop for useless stuff?....a 'house clearance' shop?....

    Whilst I agree that many of my best tools are very old. I always make sure of their locals know I enjoy collecting and renovating old tools. The trouble with car boots etc etc is quite often you are supporting and perpetuating those who might empty out your shed uninvited. (is that where the expression 'fence' comes from?). It is heart breaking to have your well loved tools stolen. Just please make sure you are not becoming part of it.

    To me, a good tool is just a joy to use and, if looked after lasts for years, I have a couple of original handled forks that the tines have been worn to needles (and a five pronger that was then forged into a dung rake.)

    A cheap fork may last a year. Is crap to use....but it doesn't matter if it gets pinched.

    Wilkinson make good tools and have a lifetime / ten year guarantee. A challenge in my book!

    You will need a fork and rake to start with, a spade, a hoe and a few hand tools soon after that...and then some more hand tools, a barrow, a mattock, a saw, a bigger rake, an onion hoe, a dutch hoe, a swoe, a swan-neck hoe, a scythe, a sickle, a pitchfork, a potato fork, a dung fork, a border fork,loppers, hedgetrimmers, edgetrimmers, a turf cutter, an asparargus knife....a,...a,... a greenhouse, a shed, a rotavator, a cultivator, a mower,a chainsaw............a,....a....a.a,...another greenhouse.....a,a,a....another allotment.........a,a,a,a...another bigger shed....a,a,a,a,a,a,a, vagetable domination......a,a,a,a,a,a,a,a,a,aaaaahhhhhhhh!!! !!...more an addiction now really!

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    Feb 2010


    Like many, I have gathered tools as and when I needed them over a number of years.
    When I bought my first house I had to get some tools for the garden. I cicn't have much money but obtained a border fork and spade for 10 for the two from Argos!. This was over 13 years ago and I still use them now. That can't be bad value for for money can it?!?
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    glasgowdan is offline Seedling
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    Oct 2009


    Quote Originally Posted by Paulottie View Post
    Wilkinson make good tools and have a lifetime / ten year guarantee. A challenge in my book!
    I too support the use of Wilkinson tools (now called Fiskars, same stuff though). They are designed ergonomically, very efficient and last a long time, not to mention the guatantee.

    Azada, Bahco, Felco, Bulldog also ok. If it cuts, buy Japanese.

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    One word....wilkos. Job done !
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