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    2e1fmo is offline Germinator
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    May 2008


    Your right Nicos - it is exciting! even the planning stage

    I will cut the top layer of and store for next years compost, then do a good bit of digging and removing remaining roots etc.

    I can't really afford the cost of creating raised beds at this time, so think i will build this up over time.

    Thank you everybody for your advise.

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    Apr 2008


    raised beds needn't be expensive,you can just pile the soil into mounds and edge them later if you wish.
    this also leaves you the option to reshuffle the beds when you have decided you have it laid out the way you want it.
    don't be afraid to innovate and try new things
    remember.........only the dead fish go with the flow

    Another certified member of the Nutters club

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