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    We use sandcastle flags and little plastic windmills to scare away birds and bunnies- and (so far) deer.They don't seem to work with slugs though- they are clearly braver than I originally presumed!!!
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    Old video tape twisted and stretch over the beds. The flashing of the tape and the noise made by the wind keeps birds at bay. Also i have started to collect the old coffee residue from Waitrose and Tesco, they seem happy to get rid of them. They are great for improving the soil and help keep slugs at bay as they dont like them.
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    We bent wire coat hangers into hoops and push them in the ground about 18" - 2' apart, spread a long piece of polythene over the top, push another hoop on top of the others so it traps the polythene and pegs down the sides, tie off the ends with bulldog clips - excellent mini poly tunnel for my early peas. It all slides easily up and over the hoops for good weather days, watering and weeding and back down again for cold nights.
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    I have the frames from two old camping wardrobes which place over my beds. Then I cover them with either mesh or plastic for plant protection as required.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nerdgas View Post
    Where do you pick up the old cooler bottles from?
    I steal them from work!
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    I also use some water bottle coolers - they are just the right size and strength to cope with fox damage. One day when delivering I asked the supplier if he had any spare and I was told they were getting rid of old and damaged ones so were happy to give me four with the promise of more. Cutting the bottoms off though is not at all easy - they are very thick plastic.

    I also lay pea sticks flat on the ground between rows of seedlings to make it difficult for foxes to dig big holes in the fine soil, and disturb the seedlings. This idea also works to stop them digging up potatoes once you have cut the haulms down but have left them to store in the soil.

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    I've found a company local to Bristol that will sell slightly damaged bottles to me at 50p a go.

    If anyone local to Bristol wants the detail send me a PM.

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    I use old fridge shelves over seed beds to keep the squirrels/foxes/cats/any other digging beasties off until the plants are big enough to fight back.

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