For seeds that are big enough to be sown individually I use modules. I buy packs of these from Poundland! I can't remember how many you get for 1 - maybe 4 or 5, it might be more - it's a while since I bought any as they can usually be used for more than one season.

For smaller seeds (eg herbs, onions) I sow them in square pots (which are easier to fit in trays than round ones) then prick them out into modules when they are big enough.

I have bought some rootrainers for the first time this year - they seem a bit flimsy but I hope they will be reusable for a few seasons for peas, sweet peas and beans. I got them via e-bay.

I have only had this veggie garden for a season and the soil isn't in good enough condition yet to sow things straight into it - I also find things stand up better to eg slugs if they have been grown on a bit first in a greenhouse or coldframe.