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    The guy with the plot next to one of ours grew grass on one half and kept it mowed. He would come down to the allotments on his push bike get out his deck chair and can of beer and read a book. The committee considered that he wasn't using the plot for what it was intended. The committee come from a different site so they did not know that he was sitting in a deck chair reading they just saw that half of the plot was being kept grassed over. He got warnings but chose to ignore them. Now he hasn't got the plot. You can't grow trees other than fruit trees and no animals are allowed.

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    One of the guys on our plot has half of it grasssed as he only has a garden big enough to give a can a headache He uses this for the kids to play on and grows load of veg on the rest. I don't think he's had any problems ... mind you he is the chairman!

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