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    Lesley Jay is offline Early Fruiter
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    Sep 2005


    Oh well, I guess I'm just a traditionalist - doesn't that make me sound old!!

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    andrewo's Avatar
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    Nov 2005

    Default Raised beds

    I love raised beds, I have spinal damage and without raised beds I would be up a creek without a paddle because I can't dig and raised beds means I can develop the no dig method.

    HOWEVER! I do miss having big beds and funnily enough digging them over.


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    Tim is offline Germinator
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    Jan 2006

    Default Raised beds

    I've gone for raised beds on my allotment - all different sizes depending on which old wardrobe I was breaking up at the time. I think beds make it much easier to plan and use the plot.

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    Emma K is offline Germinator
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    Jan 2006


    I am slowly turning my plot over to raised beds as the thought of digging that huge expanse is scary, also they are easier to manage, you never walk on them and so don't compact the earth, crop rotation is much easier, and you don't waste compost and manure putting it on bits that aren't going to be planted. Works for me!!
    Last edited by Emma K; 16-01-2006 at 07:45 PM.

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    nick the grief's Avatar
    nick the grief is offline Gardening Guru
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    Jan 2006
    Sunny Nunny, Warwickshire


    Hi Wizer,

    If you've got a few pennies left from Christmas, Have a look out for a book by Pauline Pears called "Growing Fruit & Vegetables on a Bed System" It's a HDRA/Search press publication, that will give you lots of good advice like planting distances for crops etc.

    As you can see they are a hot topic with a lot of gardeners I use both, I have raised beds at home and traditional on the lottie. The only reason I haven't got them on the lottie is finding enough timber (short of rustling scaffold planks from a building site )

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    Hardy is offline Seedling
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    Jan 2006

    Default and the paths between them

    Hi there

    Assuming you are persuaded to go for raised beds (I'm a fan too) do also give some thought to the width of the paths between them. It makes sense to have them at least the width of the distance between your knee and your foot (if you get what I mean) so that you can kneel to work on the bed if you want to without twisting sideways! For me two feet wide works well. For the central and edge paths I give it three feet to allow turning space for the wheelbarrow - of course it depends on how much space you have but this has worked well for me.

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    WiZeR is offline Tuber
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    Oct 2005
    NW Kent


    thanks Hardy... 2ft is about what I had planned for. Hopefully building them this w/e

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    Nicos's Avatar
    Nicos is offline 'Allo 'Allo !
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    Dec 2005
    Normandy (61) France


    Just watch out for the spreading varieties in the raised beds such as courgette,spuds ,tomatoes and french beans (and prob a few others) as they can hang over into the path if planted too near the edge and either get damaged or block the route.Fortunatly we had planted the early spuds next to a path and dug them up in time to keep the route open! May sound obvious but still worth a mention.

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