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Thread: 'Permanent' bean supports?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snadger View Post
    I did get it to work for a couple of years, then I changed plots (You could say I lost the plot!)

    I soon realized I was growing far more beans than I needed. It was also a bit of a chore changing the soil each year as well.

    I now just use cane/fallen branch wigwams and usually two is enough

    Nothing wrong with a permanent bean/pea trench and posts especially if someone has already set the system in motion.

    If you were using tubs I would imagine they would need to set them into the ground with there tops at surface ground level?

    Thanks for the info. This year I've had to rebuild the frames a couple of times because of the wind. One thoughts was to rotate the frames 90 degs to align with prevailing wind as opposed to across it.

    The other idea (after reading this thread) was to sink the tubs into the bed just like your plastic bad lined trench, lift them out and then fill with waste from kitchen over winter and a cover of mulch / compost, but can see it would get to be a faff.

    Perhaps permanent frame is way to go, just topping up with composted material each year.

    Been Growing dwarf broad beans and thinking of trying dwarf French beans this year coming. anyone got any good news on dwarf French beans. Good crop or not worth the hassle?

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    I use an old polytunnel frame as the permanent framework to tie my canes up to, and I just dig a trench where the plants will go and fill each year with kitchen waste. It helps as the daleks are always full at this time of year
    Dwarf beans are well worth growing - I tend to fit them in anywhere there is space through the season and often have a deep seedtray of them waiting to pop in somewhere
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