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    Default Good start



    You seem to have a good approach to what is needed. Don't tackle it all in one go is a good motto. It'll be there another day and there is no need to get it all done this year. It will evolve as you spend more time there and the more you speak to others on the plot and in the grapevine, so have a flexible plan.

    Once you have planted your first seeds you'll be checking regularly for the first signs above ground. Then it's looking for the first thing you can harvest, and then you won't be able to stop. You will be biased but it will be the best you've ever tasted.

    Plant something that you like that is quick to mature (Radish etc) so you get an early sense of satisfaction. This will help keep the momentum going and spur you on to do even more. You will be surprised at how much you get done in the first year.

    Don't get downhearted though if you come across problems. There are plenty of people who have had the same happen to them, so ask them how they got around it. You are not alone.

    Ask someone with a good looking plot for advice. A compliment works wonders and the advice invaluable as it will be from someone in the same area.

    May you have a wonderful first year.


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    Default Good on you

    Looks good - shame about the bees though - don't try and tackle it all at once. Put something in the New Shoots section, a top tip for allotment clearing. May save your back at first, would be interested if it works for you.

    Good luck with the growing.


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