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Thread: New overgrown allotment - winter preparation

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    You seem to me to have it licked. Forget about manure as your plot already has loads of organic matter already on it. As you say, I would strim it and if you can cover it with cardboard or newspaper, that would be good?. If you don't mind digging you could dig a bit and plant a bit ad infinitum. You could also cut holes and plant through the cardboard for individual brassica plants.

    Good luck and we look forward to before and after photographs.
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    Thanks everyone! I haven't made any progress yet because I have been waiting for the weather to improve. Now we have a few dry days ahead I plan to get out there with the strimmer. Once I've cut down all of the grass and brambles, should I move it all into a big heap or is it OK to just leave it where it falls and put the cardboard over it? The brambles will definitely need something done to them as there are a lot.

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    Just to add my best wishes!

    Cover everything now (unless a good look round reveals stuff, then compost and plant).

    One thing (and the regualars will groan), start a compost heap now - grass clippings, uncooked kitchen veg waste etc - never too early to start that

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