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Thread: Allotment offer

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    You do indeed have "rubbish" on your plot and I totally agree that there's hard work ahead, but don't fret, it's totally manageable.
    All that tree material can be burried into a hugelkultur

    The plastic can be laid out kill growth underneath
    the greenhouse looks great, lucky you.
    the pallets on edge make fantastic sides for a compost heap
    You have blue water pipe for cloches

    you have a wealth of material that's "gold" on any allotment

    I agree about the chickens, not good really especially if you plan on having chickens
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    My Scrapheap Challenge thread makes your proposed plot look like the Garden of Eden.

    Remember, remember the 5h of November.

    It really depends on how fit you are, how much time you have to spare and how keen you are?

    On the up side its a challenge and will allow you to put your own stamp on a blank canvas.

    If you are getting free skips and the rent isn't a ridiculous cost, happy days.
    My Majesty made for him a garden anew in order
    to present to him vegetables and all beautiful flowers.- Offerings of Thutmose III to Amon-Ra (1500 BCE)

    Diversify & prosper

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    I would agree with others, ours was overgrown and had some ‘rubbish’ yours is very overgrown but some hard work should lick it into shape.

    However, I wouldn’t let what you see as rubbish put you off. As now after three years of having an allotment I now look at your rubbish and see lots of useful stuff, plastic for ground cover and the clearer plastic could potentially be be used for polytunnel cloches for early growing. Glass frames to make cold frames, a tank for collecting water in, blue pipe for the afore mentioned cloches, pallets for compost bins. Tree stumps could burn and the smaller ones shredded to make mulch. I’d say from the photos a skip worth of actual rubbish, possibly less, the rest is usable in some way.

    As for the dead chickens I’d insist they send a professional to get rid of them as you have no idea why they died so they should be properly disposed of as there could be a risk of spreading disease.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Snadger View Post
    It really depends on how fit you are, how much time you have to spare and how keen you are?

    On the up side its a challenge and will allow you to put your own stamp on a blank canvas.
    I think the first line here is key but it isn't a blank canvas - someone has scribbled all over it. The weeds are growing well so it would crop well given the chance.

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    My two pence worth...

    Strim the whole lot.
    Clear all the rubbish to the front of the plot.
    Clear all the wood to the middle.
    Clear all the reusable stuff to the back...

    Burn the wood around November the 5th and invite friends round for marshmallows.

    Spread the ash around to level any humps and bumps.

    Dig/clear four beds and get some onions and other overwintering veg in.

    Keep strimming / mowing the rest of the plot and work out what you want to plant next spring.

    Slowly make it yours. Each time you leave, take some of the rubbish to the skip. You donít need to do it all in one go!

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    Hi Eddie and welcome to the Vine. The plot does look daunting but if you're up to the hard work it could be made into a good garden and at that size will offer plenty of scope for things like big compost area, comfortable tea shed etc.
    Our first allotment included sufficient junk to make 27 fully loaded trips to the tip plus brambles, rotten sheds etc. TBH if it was me I'd go for it. Think of it as a challenge, and take lots of photos along the way.

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    Default keeping the allotment

    Hi all so i decided too take on the allotment it seemed a bit daunting at first but now i have cut down half of it it now shows potential. I have sorted out one green house ready too use and am looking to build 4 raised beds where i have cut it down . I am going through all the rubish and there is at least 3/4 of it i can resue the lad with the plot next too mine is going to show me how too make a polytunnel with all the blue water pipe and scaff tubes that are there. Will keep you all updated on how i get on with loads of photos. Thanks for all the advice.

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    Yay, that's marvellous news Eddie
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