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Thread: Beans/Peas in a raised bed?

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    Runner beans can have a permanent bed. They don't need to be part of a rotation.

    Most "raised beds" are one plank high, not 2 feet! Recommended width is about 3 feet to make it easier to reach the middle without stepping on the bed. Runner beans supports would run the length of the bed, probably centrally, with scope to plant quick maturing low veggies either side of the supports.

    I can't imagine a layout for a bed that's 2 feet high, 4 feet wide and 18 feet long, sorry. You're best place to know what you can reach with ease. Perhaps planting the beans on a low crossing X shape to encourage the top-most beans to hang above your head, rather than bunched up in the middle might help?
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    You could rotate the crops within the beds. For brassicas and root crops this shouldnt be a problem. It might mean you need more supports for your legumes. So, if you had a 4 year rotation for example, you would have brassicas say in the first 4.5' of each bed, roots in the next 4.5' legumes next and then the rest.

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