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WIN! A tub of SoilFixer Compost Activator to boost compost

A tub of SoilFixer Compost Activator to boost compost

Gardeners and allotment growers can improve their homemade compost by adding SoilFixer’s Compost Activator which helps produce more beneficial colloidal humus - and we’ve got a tub for 20 readers! Simply sprinkle or rake a small handful into the compost bin every time new waste is added. The powder promotes and boosts the formation of the ‘colloidal humus’ portion of the compost.
  Colloidal humus is a brown-black coloured material that is found in compost and soils. It is vital to soil and also helps retain water – up to 10 times its own weight. Normal compost has typical levels of under 5 per cent and the SoilFixer Activator can boost it by between 10 and 40%. The formula also contains biochar, which has excellent water retention properties, helps supply nutrients to the roots, to help improve crop and plant growth. It also has fantastic environmental benefits by locking in carbon,
  The Activator is ideal for anyone who wants to improve the quality and performance of their compost and is suitable for both cold and hot composting techniques. Plus, each winner will receive a 1kg sample of SoilFixer SF60 Super Compost,  which can be added directly to raised beds etc.
This sample will illustrate the compost that can be made using the activator. SF60 is a combination of compost, colloidal humus and Biochar and it improves plant growth and vegetable yield. Visit for more.

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