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World Naked Gardening Day: 6 Cheeky Tips To Celebrate

04th May 2018

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May 5th is World Naked Gardening Day this year, and if you want to celebrate, but perhaps not in the literal sense, then take a look at these easy tips to get outside and enjoy your garden.

Get Your Kit Off
When the sun is shining, it is a perfect time to go barefoot and enjoy the sensuality of your garden. Appreciate the soft, tickling texture of the grass, and the cold feeling of the earth beneath your feet. Even just taking a few minutes to enjoy this activity can help you feel more relaxed and calm, ready for the day’s gardening jobs!

Strip Back… Your Tool Shed
Early spring is a great time to declutter your shed, so that you are ready for the busy summer months. Sort through the tools that you own, putting aside any which are damaged, old or those that you simply do not use very often. Then organise your shed so that you can quickly get to the tools that you frequently desire. Be mindful when getting rid of the equipment you no longer want, remember that they may be of great use to community growing groups and charities.

Expose Yourself… To Nature
Sit back and appreciate the wildlife in your garden. Watch the birds flit about the plot, and admire the robin which is never too far away from the veg patch when you are digging the soil, ready to catch any unearthed worms. Listen to the bees that buzz around the garden, helping to pollinate your crops allowing many to create delicious yields.

Take Out Your Equipment
Make sure all the tools and products you use throughout the gardening year are in good working order. Check that the spades and forks are the right height for you, as digging with inappropriate equipment can lead to back pain! Sort through your tools and clean any that are looking a bit shabby, making sure they are just right to get through the season.

Trim Your Bush
As crops develop it is important that any dead or diseased growth is trimmed off, you don’t want this to spread and infect other plants! If you are thinking about pruning any bushes or hedges in the garden please be aware of breeding birds, as you could destroy their nests, so leave this job until the autumn or winter when chicks have fledged.

Take Care of Your Melons
Melons love warm, sunny conditions so favour being grown in under cover structures, such as greenhouses and polytunnels. It is important to make sure that this crop gets enough water as it develops, but once the yields begin to ripen, watering can be decreased. When the fruits are very small, about the size of a berry, choose the healthiest yields and take away the other fruit and flowers to allow those remaining to get sufficient resources to develop well.


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