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Why you should add a greenhouse to your garden

19th February 2019

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Discover the abundant benefits a greenhouse can bring to your plot

Visit a garden this spring and you might come across one of these glorious glass-windowed structures. Step inside one and you will find it filled to the brim with seedlings, plants, compost, cloches and gardening tools. Greenhouses have an abundance of benefits that can allow you to make the most of your plants. If you’re considering investing in a greenhouse but are still not sure whether to buy, read on for our need-to-know advice.

The benefits of owning a greenhouse

One of the reasons for owning a greenhouse is that it can open up so many options for how and what you can grow in your garden. Grow outside and your crops are at risk of the elements and climate change but a greenhouse creates a small micro-climate of its own that can extend the period of time you are able to grow in a season. It’s protected environment can also care for vulnerable plants that otherwise would not survive the temperamental UK weather conditions and new or exotic varieties that need warmer temperatures to flourish.

What can I grow in a greenhouse?

When you invest in a greenhouse there is no more restriction to what you can grow. You can start off hardy plants earlier than you would be able to outdoors and grow tender crops such as tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers throughout the summer months. You can even give growing more exotic plants such as okra, sweet potatoes and melons a go. To make the most of your greenhouse, you’ll need to think about the size and the location of it. You will want a greenhouse that suits the size of your growing space and will need to place it in a position that is easy to get to and gets a great deal of sunshine throughout the day.

How to look after a greenhouse

It’s a good idea to give your greenhouse a good hose down at the beginning and the end of the growing season to kill off pests and prepare it to accommodate a big influx of plants. Greenhouses can also over-heat during the spring and summer months so make sure to keep it well ventilated when the weather warms up. Most greenhouses will come fitted with a ventilation window to circulate the air but propping open the door and damping down (the process of pouring water onto the greenhouse floor to ensure better moisture) will all help to stop plants suffering from heat stress, drooping and dying off. After all, a greenhouse that is well maintained will continue to add a pop of colour, style and be an attractive addition to any veg patch for many years to come.

Vitavia Garden Products Ltd offers the complete range

Vitavia Garden Products Ltd is the British partner of the Vitavia Group, which is the leading name throughout Europe for quality hobby greenhouses and greenhouse accessories. All of Vitavia’s greenhouses are available in either power coated green or anodised aluminium. From absolute beginner to accomplished professional, whatever type of gardener you are, Vitavia has something to suit you. From a Gaia cold frame, to many sizes of Ida wall garden, from greenhouses in many styles and sizes (6x4 to 8x20) to garden room styled greenhouses, they have it covered. For more information and for all the latest news call 01473 218100 or visit

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