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Top tips for growing geraniums between summer and autumn

By Sophie King
16th May 2022

Keep your geraniums looking as beautiful as they are in summer with Pelargonium for Europe’s expert advice for growing them on into autumn.

Affectionally known as the ‘grateful plant’, geraniums are a great choice if you’re on the hunt for attractive, easy-care blooms. They have long been favoured by gardeners across Europe as a decorative addition to gardens, balconies and allotments, especially in pots and hanging baskets. 

Many growers already have summer plans for the plot in mind, but it’s also a good idea to look ahead to the cooler months, too. Plant geraniums now and you could see blooms sticking around until autumn and beyond, all the way up until the first frosts. With that in mind, Pelargonium for Europe have provided some expert tips on caring for your geraniums during the transition from summer to autumn.

Keep feeding

Don’t stop feeding your plants once temperatures drop – you might not need to apply such strong doses, but giving your geraniums a top-up feed will ensure long-term fertiliser is used up gradually during the autumn months.

Water less

Since temperatures will be lower during autumn, a lot less evaporation will take place, meaning your plants will be able to drink more, for longer, from the water you give them. Experts advise that you should always judge whether you need to water by feeling the soil yourself. If it’s dry beyond the top inch, it’s time to replenish.

Find a sunny spot

Autumn days are prone to less daylight than those in the summer – the sun is lower in the sky, trees and buildings provide more shade, and parts of your garden can therefore be a lot darker than before. Moving your geraniums to an area of the garden that receives a lot of sunshine can make a huge difference to the number of blooms and how long they last for.

Try overwintering

If you’re growing a rare variety and want to regrow your geraniums, overwintering is a good option. To do this, you should leave them outside for as long as you can, where they can receive plenty of fresh air and sunlight. Geraniums can be moved to an overwintering spot if temperatures are continuously in the single digits, says PfE. Cut the shoots back to around 15cm and place the pots in a cool place – somewhere that’s around 5-10°C. A conservatory or unheated greenhouse work nicely.

Once spring arrives, slowly allow the plants to adjust to light again. Patience is key here – it will usually be quicker to grow flowers from new plants, but it’s worth the wait if you want to see rare blooms again.

About Pelargonium for Europe

“Pelargonium for Europe is the marketing initiative of the European geranium breeders Dümmen Orange, Elsner PAC, Florensis/P van der Haak Handelskwekerij, Geranien Endisch, Selecta One and Syngenta Flowers. The initiative was founded in 2016 with the aim of promoting and securing long-term geranium sales in Europe. Today, the campaign runs in 22 countries. In Germany, Austria, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Poland, the marketing activities are supported by the EU as part of the “Europe in Bloom” campaign from 2020 to 2022.”

For more information, visit

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