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Top Tips for Choosing the Right Garden Building

05th June 2019

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There are a number of considerations to be made when choosing the right garden building to help you make sure it is going to be fit for purpose and fulfil it’s potential. If you make the right decisions, you are less likely to need to change it down the line. There may be more steps than you originally thought, but after all it is an investment and as with any investment you want to ensure you have all the relevant information before moving forward. Lidget Compton have put together a list of the key things you should consider when choosing your new garden building.

As you’ll come to realise, purpose underpins most of the decisions you are going to make regarding your building. It is impossible to make any other decisions before you decide a purpose. Typically, we may consider a garage to be the place to store a car; however, it turns out only 25 per cent of people use it for this purpose - some use it to store garden furniture, tools, mowers and the like instead. If you fall into the 25 per cent that do, or want to, your primary concern should be that the car fits in the garage. Make sure it not only fits lengthways but also in terms of height. It’s important to make sure you have enough room to get in and out and extra for storage should you require it, if it will be a multipurpose space.

So, what do the other 75 per cent of people do with their garage? You can use the space for whatever you please. Some popular uses include, a home office, gym or storage room. Whatever you choose, make sure you keep it in mind throughout the buying and designing process.

When deciding what material to use for your building, climate should be one of your main considerations. In the UK it’s generally best to go for something sturdy and durable as the weather is unpredictable so a wooden structure may not hold up. For that reason, it’s usually best to opt for concrete garages such as a Lidget Compton Garage, so it can withstand harsher weather.

Not only do you need to consider how much space you need inside your building, but you also need to be sure you have enough space outside. Before you settle on a particular structure, you need to consider the amount of space you actually have available and remember you still need to be able to move around outside your home so don’t overfill the space.

This goes hand in hand with considering how much space you have. You should also look at location, where do you want your building to be? This will generally be dictated by how much space you have and where. If you have a larger expanse of space at the back of your house it would generally be better to place it here. Some things to consider with location are; is it easily accessed? Can you get to it quickly from your house? Do you need it close to your house? Again, a lot of this will be based on purpose. If you are using it for your car, you may want it to be easily accessed from the home, however if you are using it to store gardening equipment it may be better placed in the area you garden most frequently.

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