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The Must-see Gardens in the National Arboretum in Australia

25th January 2021

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Australia’s National Arboretum has some of the finest gardens in the world. They’d make an idyllic post-lockdown holiday, so why not bag yourself a visa and experience them yourself?

Australia’s magnificent Arboretum is located in Canberra, slightly outside the city proper. As far as gardens go, this one is a newcomer to the scene, created after the bushfires of 2003 and officially opening in 2013. With its 250 hectares of plants, flowers and trees from all over the world, the National Arboretum prides itself in the diversity of its greenery.

Pick your garden
The National Arboretum is huge and full of options for any visitor. You can go on extensive hikes, bike rides and even bus tours. Garden lovers will want to pay special attention to the Arboretum’s four primary gardens: Discovery Garden, Central Valley Gardens, Bush Tucker Garden and the Gallery of Gardens.

Discovery Garden
This garden is perhaps the most suited for gardeners, as it displays various gardening styles and techniques aimed at creating sustainable and water-efficient gardens. Think of plant selection, proper soil, mulching and irrigation. While the more experienced gardener might find some of the tips and tricks demonstrated here old news, there are plenty of tried and tested techniques on display. The Discovery Garden can be found on the Events Terrace, a short walk away from the Village Centre.

Central Valley Gardens
As the name implies, the Central Valley Gardens are a collection of twenty-four gardens. Like the Discovery Garden, these gardens can be found a short distance from the Village Centre.

Each garden bed found here is dedicated to a single plant species. The result of this is that you get an absolutely stunning display of vibrant colours.

Fun fact: When viewed from the air, the Central Valley Path area forms a giant leaf shape.

The Gallery of Gardens
Another collection of gardens is the Gallery of Gardens. Unlike the Central Valley Gardens, these are a fair bit larger in scope. Seven gardens make up this area and they each have their own distinctive designs.

Each garden tackles a different story and theme. For instance, The Children’s Garden is highly interactive and perfect for families with children, while the Aids Garden of Reflection is a place of reflection and healing.

The Bush Tucker Garden
The term “Bush Tucker” refers to those plants and flowers native to Australia which were used by the native peoples for food or medicine. As such, the Bush Tucker Garden is filled with these indigenous plants.

It’s goal is to educate visitors not just about the plants and flowers themselves, but also about aboriginal history in general. As such, it holds a highly valued position in the National Arboretum. The Bush Tucker Garden has almost five thousands plants, so you’re sure to find a tasty new favourite!

Travel preparations: visas and tickets
Good news first, the Australia’s National Arboretum has free entry and parking. So no entry ticket is required. Several of the tours do come with a small fee, but these are minimal and go towards important conservation work.

However, travelling to Australia itself does naturally come with a few expenses. Perhaps the most important expense is the Australia visa. The visa for Australia can be applied for online, so you don’t need to go to the embassy or consulate to get your passport stamped.

Simply fill out the form online and print the visa so that you can present it on arrival at the airport. Not everyone qualifies for the online variant of the visa though. Make sure you read up on the visa requirements for Australia, so that you can be absolutely certain you can fill in an online application.

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