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The essential guide to artificial grass

By Rose C
30th August 2019

Spend all of your time growing fruits and vegetables, so you’ve got no time for your lawn? Learn why you should get artificial grass

Do you care about how you’d like your lawn to look, are re-designing your garden, and know you’ve got minimal time to maintain it? Did the summer of 2018 leave your grass scorched and you fed up? Or are you simply tired of having a smelly garden? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then artificial grass is the solution to your outdoor space.

Less maintenance 

  You might not have considered artificial grass in the past (especially if you’re more of a traditional gardener) but it makes sense when you think about it. For a start, it eliminates the effort of tending to real grass, maximising the time you will have to spend on growing prize-winning fruits and vegetables. An artificial lawn doesn’t need to be mowed, doused with pesticides or fertiliser, re-seeded or ever watered. Secondly, the fibres can withstand the extremes of sun, rain and wind much more than a living plant can. It can also be fitted into any nook, cranny or corner of your garden so you have to power to design your dream outdoor space!

Child and pet friendly

  Arguably, one of the biggest problems homeowners face is their lawn, which can be a big motivator when it comes to installing an artificial one. Drought, pets digging, chewing and urinating can all cause grass to become discoloured, patchy and, in extreme cases, completely bare and with the soil exposed. There are hundreds of pet products, seed and turf on the market that promise to make your garden as good as new. However, these products either don’t work or the problem will just keep coming back. After all, unless you’re able to get rid of drought, your grass will be permanently damaged. What’s more, holes, uneven soil and weeds, are all hazards to children playing in the garden. Artificial grass is a level surface that prevents loose footing, and you can even choose a softness level to suit your needs. There are a few things that you will need to do to keep your artificial grass looking nice, smelling good, and lasting for a long time. Making sure it has been fitted correctly, dousing it down once a month, and brushing it can all help to keep it fresh. It’s also easy to clean and get rid of unwanted pet smells.

Saves money

  The initial investment of installing artificial grass might be a worry for some, but it saves money in the long run, for example on water (the cost of running a sprinkler every day in the summer can put a big dent in your monthly bills) and equipment that would be needed to maintain a real one, such as lawnmowers, strimmers and shears. You will also make significant savings on pesticides, fertiliser and seed that you regularly put in your trolley at the garden centre.

Easy to install

  Luckily, artificial grass is incredibly easy to fit. Grass Direct has a step-by-step guide to artificial grass installation on their website which includes how to treat your existing ground as well as laying it down, trimming it, cutting it and important aftercare. However, if you’re worried about any part of the process or a problem crops up, Grass Direct has got a team of experts on hand to help with any queries. Visit their website or call 03333 205 022.

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