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Play your part in the #growwithgyo campaign

07th April 2021

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We have loved receiving all of your contributions to the #growwithgyo campaign. The campaign, in association with PlantGrow, encourages all those with green fingers to get involved online, sharing their successes, failures, photos and gardening tips.

Uniting as an online community means it’s simple for our readers, followers and forum members to take inspiration and support from each other’s efforts. Why not get involved?

Here is a selection of the best interactions we’ve had with followers, readers and keen growers across our social media channels, as part of the #growwithgyo campaign. Having teamed up with the experts at PlantGrow, we’re also offering up some more expert tips from them. 

WE ASKED: What’s your favourite job on the plot?


“Planting out!!! Always my favourite. I keep sneaking back to check how good it looks pre-snail attack.” From @gardenwilde on Instagram

“Weeding and creating a clean canvas for the start of a new growing year!!” From @helen.a.cross on Instagram

“Watering in mid summer when everything is in full bloom.” From @flowers_food_garden on Instagram

Other common answers included mulching, pruning and - of course - harvesting your own homegrown fruit and veg. It’s a proud moment, right?

One of our favourite recent interactions with readers came via a Facebook message from Elizabeth Wright.

Elizabeth is a keen grower and was dutifully working away in her potting shed over the Easter weekend, but she had a little help…

Elizabeth said: “Hi there, I thought you might like to see my quail Gloria helping me in the shed this evening.”

Expert tips:

In the May issue of Grow Your Own Magazine, we offered some fantastic advice courtesy of PlantGrow expert, Sam. Here’s what she had to say…

- In May, your tiny seedlings need the best care before starting their journey to the outside garden/ When choosing your seed trays, or cell planters, make sure they are clean and dirt free.

- Use compost such as a standard soil-based or a soil less seed compost for your seedlings. (In addition to Sam’s note here, we’d like to point out that it’s always good to seek out peat-free compost. It’s more environmentally friendly.)

- Keep your seedlings in a sunny location during the day. At night time, cover the seedlings with a cover or plastic bag to protect them from cold draughts, which can stunt the seedlings’ growth. Water your seedlings when the soil is dry to touch.

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