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PlantGrow and #growwithgyo: Autumn advice from Brigitte Girling

By Sophie King
22nd November 2021

This month, we’re taking advice from Brigitte Girling (@mossandstonefloraldesign on Instagram) on gardening in autumn. In this beautiful passage, Brigitte outlines the best ways to make the most of this season before we enter the winter months ahead. 

“Cooler, shorter days in autumn begin to transform the garden into a golden-hued, somewhat melancholy space. A dishevelled memory of glorious summer is now shrouded in slow, gentle decline. There can be a tendency now to tidy, neaten and straighten up the browning disorder of seed heads and stems, askew and flopped. But I urge you to resist. Instead, reimagine the beauty of your garden’s slow drift into a winter slumber. See hollow stalks and stems as a lifesaving sanctuary for hibernating ladybirds and lacewings. Allow teasels and grass seeds to remain standing tall as a beneficial winter feast for goldfinches and bluetits. Let overgrown hedges remain untrimmed as a welcome winter shelter and food resource for our resident songbirds and hedgehogs. Let untidiness reign and reap the rewards of a garden full of wildlife, chattering, singing, fluttering, buzzing. Reimagine your garden not as an untidy jungle to be tamed, but as a living, breathing haven for nature. A truly beautiful place!”

These wonderful tips are from Brigitte Girling, who can be found posting at @mossandstonefloraldesign on Instagram.

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Here’s what we want you to send us pictures of this month – don’t forget to tag Grow Your Own, and use the #growwithgyo hashtag!

- Apple harvest
- Overwinter broad bean sowings
- Spring cabbages
- Most inventive pest protection
- Planting onion sets
- Green manures
- Citrus plants
- Overwintering peas

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