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Ken Muir Recommends Top Container Fruit Trees for Growing Your Own Mini Potted Orchard

By Sophie King
07th September 2021

If you have limited outdoor space, or perhaps don’t want to commit to putting a tree in the ground long-term, fear not! You don’t actually need a large space, or in fact, any space in beds at all, as there are now lots of options for growing fruit trees in large containers. You can even create a mini potted orchard with suitable cultivars of various types of fruit.

You can find all of the brilliant container fruit trees below, as well as other great fruit-growing products, at Ken Muir (


‘Summer Sun Minarette’

An excellent dessert cherry, ready to pick by mid-September. This variety holds its fruit well during poor summers and is an ideal variety for the amateur to grow. Fully mature, this tree will grow to approximately 1.8-2.4m (6-8ft) tall. Available here.


‘Red Windsor Minarette’

This variety is also known as ‘Sweet Lillibet’ and has been described as ‘the early Cox’. It has a superb Cox-like flavour but is easier to grow. The flowers are frost-hardy and the tree fruits heavily in September. Fruits will store until October. Buy it here.


‘Victoria Minarette’

Victoria is the UK’s most popular variety of plum. Fruiting in August, its large, juicy fruits are suitable for culinary and dessert use. The flowers are frost-resistant, and when mature, the tree will grow to 1.8-2.4m (6-8ft) tall. Click here to find out more.


‘Concorde Minarette’

A wonderful late variety which produces medium-large-sized pears with excellent flavour and firm flesh. It’s a heavy cropper, even on young trees, cropping in early October. The tree can reach heights of 1.8-2.4m (6-8ft). Find it here.

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