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Growing advice from social media star Michael Perry

By Blake R
27th March 2019

Catch up on our takeover with Mr Plant Geek

On Tuesday 26th March, social media star Michael Perry (aka Mr Plant Geek) took over Grow You Own’s social media accounts to post some of his best growing advice and content. Talking about the novel TomTato, edible flowers and his favourite type of strawberry, this plant lover covered all bases. To catch up on everything he had to say and show, keep reading.


Hi everyone! Mr Plant Geek here, taking over the Grow Your Own magazine social media for the day.

The plant that I am most recognised for is this creation, the new generation of TomTato! Also known as the Ketchup and Fries Plant in the USA, and you’ve guessed it, the plant gives you potatoes and tomatoes on ONE plant. It isn’t a new concept, it was actually carried out a lot during war times. However, I worked on the concept to make sure the very best tomato was on the top, super sweet and very plentiful cropping, and a good tasty potato on the base. It’s really fun for kids to grow, and it makes perfect sense!!

Types of tomato

Yes, I grow my own. And of course, the first plant I grew was a tomato. However, it took me nearly 20 years to find tomatoes that I enjoyed eating. I hate the fresh acidic and under ripe tomatoes that are sold in English supermarkets. The only tomatoes I will eat fresh are super sweet ones, I particularly love sungold, as many of you in England do! But- what’s your ultimate favourite variety….?

Edible flowers

I am also obsessed with edible flowers, of all shapes and sizes. I have quite an extensive knowledge of what is and isn’t edible, and there are a few surprises to be had. The flavours can be pretty nice too, for example, did you know that cosmos taste of violets? And you can stuff day lilies flower in the same way as courgette blooms! Which edible flowers have you tried!?


I also adore lavender, in fact any sort of herb. When I was a teenager, I remember baking lavender biscuits. I was actually running a mail order herb nursery from the bottom of my parents’ garden. And I was making all sorts of concoctions every weekend. I also made eucalyptus mouthwash once, but that didn’t turn out so well!!

Dark fruit

And I have long been obsessed with unusual fruits and vegetables. Check this one out, it’s a very dark fruited strawberry, which I almost call the black strawberry. The only way to experience this is to grow your own though, because you wouldn’t find it in the supermarkets, because you would probably look at that dark fruit and think it was going bad. Grow your own really is the best route to growing the more unique fruits and vegetables that are out there! Thank you for joining my journey today, comment with the most unusual fruit or vegetable that you’ve grown, I can’t wait to see what you guys are been experimenting with!

Want to see more from Mr Plant Geek? Follow him on Instagram here.


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