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Getting the garden ready for autumn

09th October 2020

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The poet John Keats referred to autumn as the “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” and we couldn’t agree more. The harvest season might be mellowing but it has not stopped altogether. Read on for our guide on how to prepare for the season ahead.

There are two dates which are said to herald the start of autumn: this year, it’s September 22, also known as astronomical autumn, and September 1, or meteorological autumn. The former is determined by the Earth’s axis and orbit around the sun whereas the second is determined from splitting the year into four seasons, three months each, coinciding with our Gregorian calendar. Autumn is September, October and November, and Winter December, January and February, and so on and so forth. Splitting the seasons likes this makes it easier for meteorologists to compare weather over time.

The vast majority of us, however, don’t use a date to mark the start of autumn. What we do mark is the chill in the air, the nights drawing in and the leaves changing colour. It’s at this point that we start getting our gardens ready for autumn and the inevitable winter months ahead.

Wrap up warm

The cooler conditions call for warm clothing, including a pair of socks. There’s nothing worse than feeling the cold and damp dew nipping at your toes, forcing you to call a day of gardening short. To combat this, treat your feet to 75 per cent baby alpaca socks from These socks will keep any grower’s feet warm during the colder months which will allow you to spend more time in the garden or on the plot.

There are eight ranges to choose from including thick walking socks, hiking socks and everyday socks – so there’s a pair for every occasion! Alpaca fibre has high insulating properties, repels odour and bacteria but gently wicks away moisture, keeping your feet fresh all day long. You can choose from a great palette and bespoke gift box options. Get yours from

Create compost

In autumn, the leaves on the trees turn yellow and red before falling off altogether. A tree sheds its leaves because it doesn’t need them any more. However, the same cannot be said for us growers, who require fallen leaves to create leafmould: a material created from rotten leaves which is good as a seed-sowing compost and a soil improver. It can be made from stuffing leaves into a compost bin and leaving it to break down.

The range of compact compost bins from Gardening Works are great for people who have little spare space but love to compost and to create leafmould. The closed sides prevent the heap from drying out and ensures even composting so that the heap will break down faster. What’s more, the bins require no nails or screws to put together. Perfect for waste collected from autumnal clearing and a must for any growing space. Find yours at

Get a greenhouse

With the winter months creeping in, there’s less and less crops that will withstand the UK’s unpredictable weather conditions. Sub-zero temperatures, lashing rain or blustery gales – who knows! However, there’s one thing that is predictable: a greenhouse. Whereas your plants outside will have to put up with fluctuating temperatures which have the capacity to kill them off, plants in a greenhouse or polytunnel will flourish at the same temperature, all year round.

Gardeners have been switching to Keder Greenhouse to extend the growing season. For over 25 years, gardeners of all horticultural interests, hobbyists, amateurs, small holders and professional growers have all reaped the benefited from a Keder Greenhouse.

A greenhouse allows you to grow more, grow healthier crops, have higher yields and get started with spring sowings. Broad beans and peas, for example, can both be sown in the greenhouse in autumn, ready to be planted out in February next year. With its superior industry leading cladding a Keder Greenhouse is the strongest and most durable greenhouse or polytunnel available in the UK. Find out more at

This is a promotional blog post provided by Perilla, Gardening Works and Keder Greenhouse.

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