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Get ready for winter mulching with PlantGrow and #growwithgyo

28th October 2021

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We love looking through all the wonderful photos our readers share through social media. Following the release of GYO’s December issue, we’re reflecting on how to make the most out of the winter months. Daniel Suggitt, general manager at PlantGrow (@plantgrowuk on Instagram), is on hand with some great tips to see our plots through the festive period.

“Winter is the season when our gardens go into a period of dormancy, with their plant life having dramatically slowed or even stopped growing for most of the species. The garden’s animal life, too, will have prepared itself for the cold, dark weeks ahead, by either becoming dormant or by moving into a state of hibernation for winter.
  “But, while all has become quiet in the natural world, an opportunity is made available for us to help our gardens and prepare them for the time when life begins again in the spring.  And, it simply involves us mulching the garden soil, spreading a hearty layer of nutrient-rich organic matter across the borders, around the base of the dormant plants and throughout the vegetable growing areas. This makes them ready for when the soil life becomes active again, incorporating the mulch into the soil where it’s broken down by soil-dwelling invertebrates and the microbes that make up the soil’s microbiome, releasing the essential nutrients that’ll feed and re-invigorate the new year’s plant growth.”

Visit PlantGrow’s website for more information about their fantastic range of natural, sustainable and chemical-free products.

Here’s what we want you to send us pictures of this month:

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The winter plot
Seed stores
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Bird feeders
Overwintering veg
Green manures growing
Home-grown herbal teas
Festive gardens

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