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Get involved! #growithgyo

By George Storr
25th February 2021

We’ve loved discussing the progress our readers are making on their plots. We’ve asked plenty of questions online, via social media and on our forum ‘The Grapevine’. As usual, readers have responded with fantastic enthusiasm.

Here’s a sample of some of the best questions, answers and discussion that has taken place as part of the #growwithgyo campaign, in partnership with offers a great selection of feeds, fertilisers, compost and much more. Everything you need to help your plants grow and thrive can be found on their site. Regular feeding can give any fruit or vegetable plant a better chance of producing a bumper crop.

For more information head to

Take a look at the discussion below and - if you’d like to get involved - find Grow Your Own on social media or join our forum.

We asked: “What’s your biggest challenge on the plot this week?”
We wanted to discover what’s holding you back on the plot right now! Often, it’s the challenges we face in the garden that make our successes that much more enjoyable.

You said…

“Mine is finding time to get outside between rain and keeping children entertained. I’m desperate to get sift some compost to mulch my fruit trees put in last year.”
From ros_but_growing on Instagram

“Rain! We are on clay so garden is like a swamp. Enjoying planting lots of seeds in my potting shed though. Sunnier days are coming!”
From shuvsoulfan on Instagram

“Without a doubt weeding.”
From Alan Dutton on Facebook.

We asked what your plans for/thoughts on raised beds were.
We wanted to find out what our readers liked best about their raised beds and - for those who don’t use them - whether they’re considering doing so. Raised beds can be easier to manage than floor level beds but, in some cases, take hard work to construct.

You said…

“I am really struggling to decide about a raised bed. How can I do them in the most economic way? So very interested in this. Does edging and small raised beds still count?”
From sboffey 14 on Instagram

“I have 32 raised beds over two half plots on the allotment, 2 sheds, 2 greenhouses, a chicken pen, a fish pond and wheelbarrow width wood-chip paths! It’s so practical and easy to grow and get around the plots.”
From charlie.giovanni on Instagram

“In Tipton, West Midlands. This year I am taking over the front. I have begun adding some raised beds and barrels to grow pumpkins, sweetcorn, onions and beans.”
From Holly Elizabeth Hickman on Facebook

Expert tips:

In the April issue of Grow Your Own Magazine, we offered some fantastic advice courtesy of PlantGrow expert, Dr Ian Bedford. Here are some pearls of wisdom from Ian.

- Wildlife needs food, shelter and breeding sites and gardens are increasingly providing this, especially in small gardens in urban areas. Keep your hedges for the dense cover they offer, rather than replace them with a fence.
- Even if the days are warm, there is always a risk of frost at night, so resist the temptation to sow and plant too early.
- Carrots grow well in containers - choose short, round varieties, or harvest longer varieties as baby carrots.

Words by George Storr

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