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How to create a bucolic garden inspired by Bridgerton

By Sophie King
25th March 2022

As Bridgerton season 2 kicks off, Crown Pavilions’ Luke Dejehang is on hand with expert tips and inspiration for the most stylish garden of the ton. Here’s how to create a bucolic-themed garden inspired by Bridgerton – Queen Charlotte herself will want to visit!

Choose your plants wisely

Bringing attractive flowers into your garden can completely transform its look – and in this Netflix series, flowers are everywhere. The Bridgertons’ home is draped in wisteria, but there are plenty of other flowers that can decorate your space throughout the seasons. “Lilac, lavender and buddlia are all lovely options,” says Dejehang. “Also, crocuses and tulips in the early spring and dahlia and Michamas daisies in the autumn.” All of these choices can help to create an elegant setting for a Bridgerton-style garden party.
Another popular feature of regency-style gardens is topiarised shrubs, often potted and pruned into defined geometrical shapes. Dejehang advises that “Cones and balls are two of the easiest shapes to create and maintain”. The shrubs are neatly arranged in clear lines and can be used to section off different parts of the garden – perfect for a tête-à-tête or two!

Establish a garden sanctuary

For a stylish soirée, consider investing in a garden room. This will add a luxurious social setting to your garden, just like the folly from Bridgerton. It also makes a beautiful centrepiece for your outdoor space.
Of course, many gardens don’t have the room for this, and that’s why gazebos are the next big thing: a small gazebo can be the perfect space for social gathering, available in a range of styles and sizes to suit any space. Crown Pavilions’ premium quality timber gazebos offer attractive coverings for the most coveted soirées. You can take a look here.

Have good grounds

Dejehang also focuses in on the ground you’ll want your bucolic garden to be based on. “When it comes to what materials to use, it really comes down to personal preference. For some, gravel can be a nice contrast to the timber, especially Cotswold Chippings. Frustratingly, gravel (like wood chip) will migrate to other areas of your garden especially with high foot traffic. Many of our clients use flagstone paving to create pathways leading to their pavilion; these draw visitor’s eyes to their garden showpiece.”

Get the Regency look

The gardens in Bridgerton offer the combined benefit of looking and feeling good. Water features are eye-catching
highlights of the garden while gifting the soothing sound of water. “We’ve seen every type of garden water feature over the years,” says Dejehang. “They don’t need to be grand to be noteworthy. Creating a small, circular pond with a single tier, regency-style stone fountain will bring a touch of serenity and elegance to any garden.” Adding sculptures and other ornaments to your garden can also add to the Regency décor, perfect for a Bridgerton-themed event.
Plus, mirroring Bridgerton’s fancy flower arrangements under your gazebo or in pots about the garden can work wonders at transforming your outdoor space into one taken straight from the regency era. For a sensory bonus, choose aromatic flowers like peonies or star jasmine.

So, for the bucolic, Bridgerton-inspired garden of your dreams, take heed of Luke Dejehang’s advice and start preparing for your next parade of guests. Regencycore is sure to appeal to all members of the ton – you’ll be a dream host in no time!

Crown Pavilions are passionate about creating beautiful living spaces for the garden. Their pavilions are designed and individually hand-crafted in their Oxfordshire workshops to ensure unsurpassed quality and attention to detail.
The Crown Pavilions collection ranges from luxury wooden gazebos to bespoke garden rooms complete with double-glazed bi-fold doors, premium engineered oak flooring and the option of underfloor heating.

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