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Beat the heat in your greenhouse with Bayliss Autovents

29th July 2019

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Discover how Bayliss Autovents can help to keep greenhouse temperatures under control

It’s important that gardeners regulate the temperature inside their greenhouse during the summer months - if temperatures skyrocket outside then temperatures inside can get up to 40-50°C. A hot greenhouse can cause plants to overheat, contributing to heat stress, the first signs of this including
wilting, crispy foliage, and death. This problem can be solved with Bayliss autovents, the most trusted and best quality automatic vent openers.

  The trick to regulating the temperature inside your greenhouse is by ensuring that there is an on-going circulation of air. This is achieved by opening up windows, louvres, doors and roof vents. Regulating the temperature also works the other way, as when it’s cold outside, usually early or late in the year. Nightime temperatures will plummet, so windows, doors and roof vents will need to be closed and sometimes even heaters will need to be switched on. This is important as cold plants can also wilt, dry up, and die off. If your greenhouse is manually controlled, however, this does mean you will need to be constantly on hand to go down to the garden or allotment to open and close the greenhouse during hot or cold spells - a terrible pain when you’d like to go on holiday! But with Bayliss, the hard work will be done for you.

  The Bayliss autovent opens and closes when it senses the internal temperature is either too hot or cold. If the surrounding air is too warm, a mineral wax inside the vent’s strong metal tube expands, pushing a piston that opens the autovent. Too cold, and the wax shrinks, and a strong stainless steel
spring closes the vent. The warmer the air, the wider it will open. The triple spring autovent also gives an extra closing force of 2kgs so the vent is even more resilient to strong wind, rain or frost. An extra benefit to fitting a Mk 7 triple Spring unit is that it enables it to be fitted to top hung side windows.The products can be retro-fitted to most aluminium and wooden greenhouse models and cold frames. Designed and tested to last for years, replacement tubes and spares are also available to purchase.

  There are more great reasons to invest a Bayliss autovent. They are great for the environment as they are solar powered and do not use electricity. Made from aluminium, stainless steel, brass, and a small amount of wax and plastic, 99 per cent of their weight is recyclable. What’s more, the only maintenance needed on the autovent is a general wipe down from time to time, and a little oil applied to moving parts. It’s also a good idea to carefully wipe down the piston rod a couple of times a year.

  Other ways to keep temperatures down include blinds and shade paint to protect plants from the worst of the daytime sun. To use, dilute the paint with water before painting layers onto the glass, and it can be washed off later in the season when the sunlight is not as strong. Peel-able shade paint is also available. Dampening down - the process of pouring water onto the greenhouse floor will also help to ensure better moisture. Because the paint is left on throughout the growing period, however, it can be a nuisance if the weather unexpectedly changes. Raising blinds up and down, and
spraying water, will also still need to be done by hand.

For more information, visit the Bayliss Autovents website here.

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