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5 tips for decorating an outdoor space

04th June 2020

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Our yards, gardens and flowerbeds are precious spaces that take time to create and grow. The pleasure one can get out of these outdoor spaces is infinite and having an area where you can relax to enjoy them is even better. Patios and decks are great spaces that allow us to sit back and take in the sun or to entertain friends and family. However, designing an outdoor space that inspires you and gives you joy is sometimes hard. Here are five tips for creating and decorating an inspiring outdoor space.

1. Garden furniture

Whether you use your garden for entertaining, for relaxing or for both, you need some garden furniture that invites you to take a seat. Wicker chairs and sofas hold up best in adverse weather and are light enough to move around when need demands it. If you have a covered area, cushions and pillows that are weather-resistant can brighten up an outdoor space with pops of colour. Integrate side tables where you can place outdoor decorations such as tall vases to give some height to your patio.
  If space allows for it, bringing in a dining table set with several chairs makes your space even more versatile. Choose furniture pieces that delight you and pick colours that go with your garden furniture. Keeping with a similar colour scheme throughout your outdoor space brings all the separate pieces together and creates cohesion. Add in some accent colours with plant hangers, outdoor art pieces and pillows.

2. Flowers and plants

An outdoor space would not be complete without some flowers or plants. Instead of incorporating various small pots around the space, large planters and pots can add a lot of depth and height to your patio or deck. Space them between chairs or along walls and place plants and flowers that you like in each one. If space is at a premium, planters are great for planting multiple vegetable or herb plants together so that you can maximise the space. Top tip: Figure out which plants grow in the same conditions so that you can place the planters in a spot with enough sunlight and shade for each one.

3. An outdoor rug

Another way to centre your space and create cohesion is by using an outdoor rug. Yes, you can have rugs in the garden, too! You can find outdoor rugs in various sizes that fit your area and coincide with your colour scheme. If you want to bring in a wild design aspect that does not draw too much attention, use a rug with abstract or interesting patterns so it adds some movement to your space. Rugs with zigzags, crazy shapes and multiple colours might seem too busy in a store or in pictures online, but once it is placed in your space with furniture around it, it can really be a grounding piece for the whole area.

4. Think practical

Creating an outdoor space that inspires you starts with figuring out what you want to get out of your space. Incorporate elements that you will actually use. There is no point in buying a beautiful hammock if you do not like swings or if you do not have the space for it. Choose pieces that bring you joy and try to find ones that match the style of your patio or deck area.

5. Don’t forget about the little things!

Also, do not forget about the little things. Decorations and wall hangings can be a huge impact when you add the right ones. Inspiration can be found in the simplest things – especially right from your outdoor space.

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